In this one hour webinar designed for accountants, Neha takes you through how to convert clients fixed assets in Xero. We cover how to set up a clients fixed assets and adding asset pools. These are the more complex aspects of switching a client to Xero. Fixed Assets - calculate depreciation so they can be listed as an expense on a tax return. Getting this right from the beginning saves you time as the books will remain balanced throughout the year. Editing report templates - This is done in Xero HQ reports so that you can customise them at the HQ level for the practice. Rather than reusing reports at an organisation level, you can gain real efficiencies when you create custom reports to cover a wide number of clients. Making use of the master chart of accounts can be a benefit to you as these have the detailed report mappings built in and are ready to use with your Xero report templates.
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    Converting Clients Fixed Assets & Editing Report Templates in Xero
    • Converting Clients Fixed Assets & Editing Report Templates in Xero
    • Converting clients Fixed Asset and HQ reporting.pdf


  • Neha Nayyar

    Neha Nayyar

    Numbers have always been Neha’s passion and this ardor combined with a flair for accounting inherited from her grandfather, inspired her to take up accounting as her profession. Her father has been a business owner all his life, so she understands the nitty gritty that a business owner endues on a daily basis.It is that essence that inspired her to provide a solution to those who can better invest their time in their business. After completing her Masters in accounting and becoming a qualified CPA, Neha became aware of the fact that several start-ups and small businesses have to juggle a lot of tasks such as accounting, marketing and insurance. These tasks are time consuming and can distract the business owners, therefore hindering business growth. From here, the idea of Sum and Substance clicked to Neha. Sum and Substance steers businesses through easy decision-making Processes and helps them accomplish goals on time. We aid businesses in setting up bookkeeping, accounting and administration systems. We can assist in setting up your initial bookkeeping system, provide training and offer strong ongoing support keeping in mind your business requirements. So, indulge your passion. Share your business requirements with Sum and Substance.


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